Harney and Sons Factory Tour, Tea Tasting and Lunch



The first thing that literally hit me when I pulled up to the Harney and Sons Factory in Millerton, NY was the incredibly good smell. Notes of bergamot along with black and green teas invited us inside.

This is the area where their retail website orders are fulfilled


Here are barrels of the tea flavorings waiting to be used.

This is the silk sachet machine.


This incredible machine made tea bags, sorted out defective tea bags, folded boxes, counted and filled boxes, and sent down the filled boxes for human visual inspection- ALL with this one machine!

This is bulk black tea.



This was the wholesale shipment area… Ready to send product to us at So Lucky!

Next we drove a mile up the road to their retail store for a tasting and lunch.


So many teas to choose from…

The first tea I tried was Diamond Jubilee from the Royal Palace Collection. Absolutely lovely!

They had Weishan Moo Feng tea out to sample. The leaves are sniffed rather than the tea itself brewed to get the fullest range of the tea’s scent.


Below is a beautiful oolong from Vietnam- the lovely leaves unfurled and released their buttery earthy notes. The second pot made with the same leaves had and even broader spectrum of the caramel notes. It made my mom, who thought she didn’t like oolong tea, a lover of good oolong!

Lunch was a delight! The small eatery is tucked in the room adjacent to the retail store and tasting room. It was lunch time on Friday and the tables were packed. We sat at the ‘bar’ and it gave us this lovely view of all the tea tins ready to serve up their delicious liqueur.

In the café Bruce Costs unfiltered ginger ale is served, and its unique true ginger taste bursts with each sip.


They serve both gluten free pizza and gluten free bread for sandwiches, but this time I chose tilapia fish tacos on corn tortillas. They were excellent!!!


We spent over four hours with Harney that day and I feel like we could spend so many more. I look forward to a return trip to the tasting room the next time I am in Upstate New York!


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